The rhythm of conveyor belts. The wail of shift sirens. The crescendo of molten metal pouring into molds. A muffled radio from the foreman’s office…

The VX-323 worked long shifts at factories around the world (assembling Kias, drilling 4mm holes, welding espresso machines, sorting offal), all the while dreaming of expressing himself through music.

Eventually he saved enough money to buy his first synthesizer and began to write songs after his shifts. Tracks like “Factory Blues” and “When You’re Gone” reflect his time on the factory floor, while others, like “Night Time,” were influenced by the emotions of his human colleagues.

After the release of his debut CD, “Chansons,” The VX-323 was able to quit the labor force and dedicate himself to a music career. He successfully fought off the temptations of the robo-rock-n-roll lifestyle...resisting mind-altering currents, industrial lubricants, and the alluring circuitry of high-end appliances.

Art, travel, literature, film, current events, fashion, technology...the joy and absurdity of existence. The VX-323 can compute and process it all. This is the world that he wants to share in his music....with robots and humans alike!



Funny, clever, thought-provoking, and musically satisfying as a collection of Euro-infused synth-pop songs, The VX-323's debut CD, "Chansons," must be heard to be believed.


...a ROBOT that makes MUSIC. Its name (as robots tend to eschew gendered identities) is the VX-323 and it is AMAZING, not only because it is a robot that makes music but because the music is also very good.

Scopitone Saturday